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When it comes to health and vanity, there are many aspects to looking great that we all need to consider.


Taking care of your skin and hair are usually near the top of the list. But without a bright, beautiful smile to match, your quest for that great first impression would be underwhelming at best. When you truly think about it, your teeth work just as hard as any other part of your body. Your teeth are subjected to a daily onslaught of sugary, salty, hot, cold and sometimes hard-to-chew food.


This daily assault on your teeth can, unfortunately, lead to cavities or a chipped tooth. The dentist can help resolve this issue, however, choosing the correct filling material for your teeth can be confusing. There are several options to choose, but from a cosmetic and practical standpoint, color matched fillings should be something to highly consider.


Color matched fillings are a fantastic choice when it comes to repairing cavities or chipped teeth. The color match would allow the filling to blend in seamlessly with your tooth structure and no one would ever know the tooth was previously damaged. These fillings are made up of a composite resin, which is safe, reliable, and easily bonds to your teeth. This natural tooth color match is even more important when you consider any teeth that may need to be repaired in the front of your mouth. Your white, gleaming smile would not be disturbed in any way if you choose color matched fillings.

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From an aesthetic standpoint alone, it makes perfect sense to choose this filling, but there are even more advantages to consider.

  • They can bond easily to the front, middle or back of your teeth.

  • They form a natural bond to your teeth and don't require any type of pins or grooves to hold them in place.

  • They completely harden and cure while still sitting in the dentist's chair.

  • It's simple for your dentist to smooth and polish the filling to ensure there is no interference with your natural bite.

  • Any tooth sensitivity would be minimal, if any, by using this composite resin.

  • Using color-matched fillings requires minimal removal of your tooth structure, which results in an overall stronger tooth.


When it comes to selecting the best filling material to use for your teeth, please consult with your dentist. There may be reasons to use another material, but with all the advantages of using color-matched fillings, it would be hard to pass on an opportunity to use this amazing option to help preserve your dazzling smile

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