Why do our teeth discolor?

If you smoke regularly, you can expect tar and nicotine to stain your teeth. Aside from smoking, aging, some medication, and some colored food and beverages can also cause your teeth to discolor. While there are home remedies to address these issues, it's still best to bring the problem to your dentist.

Removes plaque

When a dental professional cleans and whitens your teeth, they are not only helping you become more confident; they are also removing plaque and germ buildup from your discolored tooth. If left unremoved, these substances and particles can pose serious oral health problems like periodontal disease, bone loss, bad breath to name a few.

Teeth whitening is a form of oral cleaning as dirt and stains are removed


Build self-esteem

Teeth whitening is a form of oral cleaning as dirt and stains are removed. Whitening can also help remove staining from certain medications from over the years. When these particles and stains are removed, you can ensure a fresher breath and a better smile.

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